About me

Cookie&Biscuit started as a small batch bakery in South London in 2013, as a way to satisfy my sweet tooth with healthier alternatives. By 2014 all of our bakes were vegan, as I was making changes to lead a more sustainable and cruelty free lifestyle and because vegan cakes are DELICIOUS!

Baking is my happy, and has been since I was a teenager. It has been a common factor through the good & bad, a refuge from PND, and a way to work for myself, enabling me to spend time with my kids. 


Although I love my sweet treats, things took a savoury twist when The V Spot supper catering launched in Autumn 2017. From yoga brunches, supper clubs and private events it has been an absolute joy sharing my passion with so many lovely people! 

If you would like to know more about our custom vegan cakes/brownies, or about our bespoke catering service please get in contact below

Eat your veggies,


Photographer credit: Immy Lucas

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