Black Bean Brownies

While we are on our brownie subscription box sabbatical, (don't worry they will be back in December) we figured this was a good time to share one of our favourite healthier brownie recipes.

Servings 9-12 brownies

Time 45 minutes


230g black beans *cooked

2 flax eggs {2tbsn milled flax with 5tbsn of

water- we used the water fro the beans}

40g cacao/cocoa

60ml oil

150g sugar

2tsp vanilla extract

1/2tsp bi carb

1/2tsp salt

100g chocolate chopped and divided in half

100g plain flour (can substitute gluten free


75ml water


Preheat oven to 180c

line a 8x8inch pan with enough foil or parchment paper to over hang a bit

over a low heat, bring the water to a simmer, add in sugars and oil

cook until the sugar has dissolved, then add in 50g chopped chocolate

remove from heat and add vanilla extract

blend blackbeans in a food processor until smooth

in a large bowl mix together the flour, cacao, bi carb, and salt

add in black beans, and liquid sugar and mix until well combined

fold in chocolate chunks

spread evenly into prepared pan and bake for 25-30 minutes, checking

around 20 minutes as every oven is different

Remember to tag us on social media if you have a go at making these fudgey chocolatey heavenly squares! #cookieandbiscuitmakes

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Hi! I am Danae Dade, mama of Frankie & Bowie, wife of Ben and avocado lover. I am on a mission to get people to eat more vegetables! Vegan food is more than just bean salad and kale, (even though I love all of those things). I love comforting, wholesome meals with loads of different flavours and textures. Our vegan sweet treats are made with unrefined sugars and flours, and all natural ingredients. Perfect for the whole family to enjoy. I encourage people to play with their food, and explore how satisfying plantbased meals are!

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